The Ahava Order 

Ahava Order

Book 1

The world of Ahava warriors, Eos, Angels, Mages, Druids.

Here, in a pseudo-medieval world, full of cruelty and beauty, realism and magic, the Ahavas engage in an eternal battle for the defense of the kingdoms; home the aristocracy, cherubs, and ordinary people. The Knights of the Order cooperate with the Angels, Eowites, Nymphs, and Druids against their main enemies: demons, vampires, necromancers, and witches and their beasts of dark creations.

The Ahava Order follows the adventures of a new member of the Order: Morner, a spy for the Order, and his Ajal Nimf, and along with other knight magicians, not only kills the beasts but uncovers deep secrets. The vampires, nymphs, and ancient goddesses were once allies who have cooperated with the Order for centuries—but will the kingdoms now fall to the demons? Or will they take over the vampires with the necromancers?



Ahava Order II - Vampires

Book II

The eternal battle for the defense of the kingdoms continues, as beasts persist with their attacks against people and magicians.

With a new member joining the Ahava Order, and a recently discovered scroll that reveals a method to resurrect the soul of a dead person, ancient deities are recalled from the dead. Will they help in the battle? Together, can they now find a way to kill the Misty Demon? or will the vampires emerge triumphant and finally take over the kingdoms this time?


Ahava Order III - Asalari Demon Queen

Book III

The vampire deities declared war on the whole world! Conspirators and other enemies of the human world join them. Morner and Vanessa take an active part in this worldwide slaughter. A map of the universe was found indicating the location of a desirable planet inhabited by demons for centuries.


However, the real threat to the entire race of people as well as to deities, druids and sorcerers is on the earth watching the war from concealment.

Morner, together with Vanessa and the allies, will repulse the attacks of vampires and demons?


Will the race of people fail? Will the Ahava Order survive the demon invasion? You will find out in the third part of the Ahava Order.

© Robert Przybylski & Royal Hawaiian Press 2018.  All rights reserved.

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